Snorre oil field

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Snorre field
Snorre oil field is located in North Sea
Snorre oil field
Location of Snorre field
Country Norway
Region Northern North Sea
Location Tampen area
Blocks 34/4 and 34/7
Offshore/onshore offshore
Coordinates 61°31′31.58″N 2°12′41.42″E / 61.5254389°N 2.2115056°E / 61.5254389; 2.2115056Coordinates: 61°31′31.58″N 2°12′41.42″E / 61.5254389°N 2.2115056°E / 61.5254389; 2.2115056
Operator Statoil
Field history
Start of production August 1992
Abandonment 2040 (est)
Estimated oil in place 1,400 million barrels (~1.9×10^8 t)
Estimated gas in place 6×10^9 m3 (210×10^9 cu ft)

Snorre is an oil and gas field in the Tampen area in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea. The sea depth in the area is 300 to 350 metres (980 to 1,150 ft).[1] Snorre has been operational since August 1992. It was the first field developed by Saga Petroleum.[2]


Snorre A platform in the south is a floating steel facility for accommodation, drilling and processing. Snorre A has also a separate process module for production from the Vigdis field. A subsea template with ten well slots, Snorre UPA, is located centrally in the field and connected to Snorre A. Oil and gas from Snorre A is piped to the nearby Statfjord A platform for final processing.

Snorre B platform is located in the northern part of the field and is a semi-submersible integrated drilling, processing and accommodation steel facility. Oil from Snorre B is piped 45 km to Statfjord B platform for storage and export.

The Snorre field is operated by Statoil. In 2009, Statoil started a project to upgrade the offshore production complex.[3] The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is requesting Statoil to build a new platform at the field.[4]


The reserves consist of 1.6 billion barrels (250×10^6 m3) of oil, 6.7 billion cubic metres (240×10^9 cu ft) of natural gas, 4.8 million tons of natural gas liquids.[5]


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