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Snorri may refer to

  • Snorri Þorbrandsson, a character in the Icelandic Eyrbyggja saga
  • Snorri Goði or Snorri Þorgrímsson (963–1031), a prominent chieftain in Western Iceland, featured in a number of Icelandic sagas
  • Snorri Thorfinnsson (1004-1090), son of the explorer Þorfinnr Karlsefni and Guðríðr Eiríksdóttir
  • Snorri Sturluson (1179–1241), an Icelandic historian, poet, and politician
  • Snorri Hjartarson (1906–1986), an Icelandic poet and winner of the Nordic Council's Literature Prize
  • Snorri Hergill Kristjánsson (born 1974), an Icelandic stand-up comedian based in London
  • Snorri Snorrason (born 1977), an Icelandic singer who rose to popularity after winning the Icelandic version of Pop Idol
  • Snorri Guðjónsson (born 1981), an Icelandic handball player