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Snorscombe is a ruined hamlet, located to the south of Everdon in the English county of Northamptonshire. Its rural location, now on private land, makes it extremely hard to access.


The hamlet was once a thriving community. The medieval residents would have worked for the local Lord under the manorial system and cultivated the surrounding land, used for planting crops et cetera. The manor at Snorscombe was held by a Philip Lovell at the time of King John. By 1534 it had passed to the Knightley family.

The manor house was a farmhouse by the early 18th century and all that was left of the village was that farm, a watermill and a cottage.

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Coordinates: 52°12′03″N 1°07′40″W / 52.20081°N 1.12790°W / 52.20081; -1.12790