Snortin' Whiskey

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Snortin' Whiskey (also sometimes referred to as "Snortin' Whiskey, Drinkin' Cocaine") is a blues rock[1] song written by Pat Travers and Pat Thrall. It was originally recorded by the Pat Travers Band, and released on the album Crash and Burn in 1980 on the Polydor label and also as US single the same year. The song was an instant hit, and reached the number one position on request lists at numerous FM radio stations in the United States in 1980. It gained popularity in the United Kingdom and Germany as well. It became one of Pat Travers' signature songs. The success of "Snortin' Whiskey" helped to propel the Crash and Burn album to the number 20 position on the Billboard Magazine's Pop Album Chart, making it Travers' highest-charting release. The song was featured in the 2004 movie Sideways

The inspiration for the song came when Thrall showed up to a studio session late. When asked why Thrall was late, he fumbled his words saying that he was “snortin’ whiskey” and “drinkin’ cocaine” the night before.

Musicians who performed on the original studio recording of "Snortin' Whiskey" were:


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