Snow's BBQ

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Snow's BBQ
Snows BBQ 2009.jpg
Snow's BBQ is located in Texas
Snow's BBQ
Location within Texas
Restaurant information
Slogan"Smokin' the Good Stuff"
EstablishedMarch 1, 2003 (2003-03-01)
Owner(s)Kerry Bexley
Head chefTootsie Tomanetz
Food typeTexas barbecue
Dress codeCasual
Street address516 Main Street
CountyLee County
Postal/ZIP Code78947
CountryUnited States
Coordinates30°24′48″N 97°00′35″W / 30.413317°N 97.009857°W / 30.413317; -97.009857Coordinates: 30°24′48″N 97°00′35″W / 30.413317°N 97.009857°W / 30.413317; -97.009857

Snow's BBQ is a renowned Texas barbecue restaurant located in the small town of Lexington roughly an hour outside of Austin, Texas to the east. Snow's is open only on Saturdays from 8AM until they run out of meat, which is often around noon.[1] The unusual hours were originally kept to take advantage of a weekly Saturday livestock auction that takes place nearby at 12:30PM.

The name come's from owner Terry Bexler's lifelong nickname. As Bexler told it:

"When my mother was pregnant, an older gentleman here in town asked my brother, 'Do you want a little brother or a little sister?' He said, 'I want a little snowman.' So when I hit the deck, that's what I was called. Snowman."[2]

In May 2008, Texas Monthly rated Snow's BBQ as the number-one BBQ joint in Texas, defeating long time champions Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas.[1] In May 2013, Snow's was ranked number 2 on the magazine's Top 50 list of the best barbecue in Texas.[3] The 2017 list saw Snow's trade places with Austin's Franklin Barbecue to retake the number 1 position.[4] In early 2018, eighty-two year-old pitmaster Tootsie Tomanetz was nominated as a semifinalist for a James Beard Award.[5]

Snow's BBQ has also been labeled as "The Best Texas BBQ in the World" by The New Yorker in its article titled "By Meat Alone" written by Calvin Trillin in the November 24, 2008, issue.[6]

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