Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1912 play)

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a Broadway play that debuted at the Little Theatre on West 44th Street, New York City, on October 31, 1912. Based on the stories by the Brothers Grimm, it was produced by Winthrop Ames who had written it under the pseudonym "Jessie Braham White." The play met with favorable reviews and became the basis for the 1916 film, Snow White.[1]

Cast of characters (opening night)[edit]

  1. Blick, the eldest of the seven : Edward See
  2. Flick : Harry Burnham
  3. Glick : Marie Cullen
  4. Snick : Emmet Hampton
  5. Plick : Charles Everett
  6. Whick : John Davis
  7. Quee, the youngest "boy" of the seven, nearly ninety-nine years old with an apparent chronic thievery issue : Dorothy Farrier
  • Witch Hex : Ada Boshell
  • Long Tail : William Grey
  • Short Tail : Patrick Driscoll
  • Lack Tail : Arthur Simpson

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