Snowball (single-board computer)

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ST-Ericsson Snowball.jpg
Snowball-PCB with NovaThor A9500
Common manufacturersST-Ericsson
Design firmST-Ericsson
ManufacturerCALAO Systems
TypeSingle-board computer
ProcessorDual Cortex-A9
CoprocessorMali-400 MP

The Snowball is an Nano-ITX-form factor single-board computer using the NovaThor A9500.[1]

The Linux-based mobile operating system Tizen was ported to Snowball in early 2012.[2]

The Snowball had a public support site at,[3] but since support for the board has been withdrawn, the tools are archived at GitHub: [1]

One of the many builds released by Linaro is located here This is build: 13.05 (May 2013). At the link are the binaries that were built, the instructions for using the binaries and instructions for building everything from source.


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