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Snowball Effect is a South African Internet service provider (ISP) that provides internet access, hosting, VoIP,[1] and web development services.

The business was founded by brothers Eugene[2] and Storm van der Merwe in 1998. Initially Snowball offered web hosting and web development services but later added internet connectivity.[3]

Snowball is a founding member of WAPA (Wireless Access Provider's Association) and has a wireless network in Cape Town and the greater Western Cape[4][5][6] from where it offers low cost wireless services.[7][8]

Snowball is also a member of the Internet Service Provider's association of South Africa and holds I-ECNS and I-ECS licenses.[9][10] In 2007 Snowball participated in the ISPA Superteacher sponsorship program.[11]

Apart from wireless Snowball offers uncapped ADSL[12][13] and virtual private server[14] hosting services.

Snowball is located in Technopark Stellenbosch, South Africa where it owns and operates a data centre.[15]


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