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Snowballing or snowdropping is the human sexual practice in which one person takes someone's semen into his or her mouth and then passes it to the mouth of another, usually through kissing.[1][2][3][4][5]

History and prevalence[edit]

The term was originally used only by gay and bisexual men.[1] Researchers who surveyed over 1,200 gay or bisexual men at New York LGBT community events in 2004 found that around 20% said they had engaged in snowballing at least once.[6] In heterosexual couples, a woman who has performed fellatio may afterwards return the semen to her partner's mouth, mixed with saliva; the couple or other partners may then exchange the fluid several times, causing its volume to increase (hence "snowballing").[4][5] Some heterosexual men are uncomfortable with the practice.[4][5]

In popular culture[edit]

Cum swapping[edit]

A somewhat similar practice in heterosexual pornography is cum swapping, in which a woman passes semen from her mouth into that of another woman.[7]

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