Snowcrest Range

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Snowcrest Range
Hogback Mountain, a prominent peak in the range
Highest point
Peak Sunset Peak (Snowcrest Range)
Elevation 10,581 ft (3,225 m)
Coordinates 44°50′34″N 112°05′41″W / 44.84278°N 112.09472°W / 44.84278; -112.09472Coordinates: 44°50′34″N 112°05′41″W / 44.84278°N 112.09472°W / 44.84278; -112.09472
Snowcrest Range is located in Montana
Snowcrest Range
Snowcrest Range
Country United States
State Montana

The Snowcrest Range, el. 10,581 feet (3,225 m),[1] is a small mountain range southeast of Dillon, Montana in Madison County, Montana. The Snowcrest and adjacent Gravelly Range is one of Montana's most popular hunting grounds.[2] The two mountain ranges are home to nearly 10,000 elk and a growing population of grizzly bears.[2]

The Snowcrest Range is extremely wild, with about 166,000 acres of roadless country, including 97,000 acres of roadless National Forest, as well as adjacent private and state lands.[3]

Wolke characterizes the Snowcrest thus: "Spectacular grassland foothills and slopes rise through a thin band of Limber Pine, Douglas-Fir, Aspen, spruce, and fir to alpine summits . . . [t]his is high, dry, east-slope country, and the rich habitat mosaic is superb for Elk, Bighorn, Moose, Mule Deer, Red Tailed Hawk, Swainson's Hawk and Golden Eagle."[3] The Snowcrest Range receives very little use outside of hunting season.[3]

Sunset Peak, el. 10,581, is the highest point in the Snowcrest Range.[3] (Although Wolke lists Sunset's elevation at 10,573, lists its elevation as 10,581).[4]

Southern extent of Snowcrest Range from Ruby River valley
Northern extent of Snowcrest Range from Ruby River valley

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