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Snowdon Theatre marquee.

The Snowdon Theatre is an abandoned Streamline Moderne style cinema in Montreal, Canada, located on Décarie Boulevard in the neighbourhood of Snowdon. It was re-purposed as a mini-shopping center at one point, but currently boarded up due to a deteriorating roof.

The theater opened in February 1937 with a lavish art deco interior by designer Emmanuel Briffa, designer of the interior of the Rialto Theatre and 60 other cinemas in Canada.[1]

In 1950 the entrance facade was modified and a new marquee was added. In 1968 it showed X-rated movies. In 1972 it screened Charlie Chaplin films for approximately an entire year.[2] The cinema closed in 1982 and sat vacant for a number of years.[3] In 1990 the building was re-purposed as a small shopping center.[4] The 25,000 square foot interior was heavily modified and rebuilt by Rafid Louis and Emile Fattal, splitting the theater itself into two floors and sub-dividing the remaining space. Most of the Snowdon theater's original wall and ceiling art deco remained intact on the top floor, where a gymnastics center operated for a number of years. Flexart Gymnastics, the last remaining tenant, was evicted in late 2013 due to deterioration and safety concerns with the building's roof.[5] The city of Montreal currently owns the building and has no immediate plans to repair the roof, and since shuttering it, has put the building's future into question.


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