Snowshoe Peak

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Snowshoe Peak
Leigh Lake - Snowshoe Peak.jpg
Snowshoe Peak from Leigh Lake
Highest point
Elevation8,738 ft (2,663 m) [1]
Prominence5,418 ft (1,651 m) [1]
Coordinates48°13′23″N 115°41′22″W / 48.22306°N 115.68944°W / 48.22306; -115.68944Coordinates: 48°13′23″N 115°41′22″W / 48.22306°N 115.68944°W / 48.22306; -115.68944
Snowshoe Peak is located in Montana
Snowshoe Peak
Snowshoe Peak
Montana, U.S.
LocationCabinet Mountains Wilderness, Lincoln / Sanders counties, Montana, U.S.
Parent rangeCabinet Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Snowshoe Peak
Easiest routeWest approach (Class 3) though the standard route (noutheast ridge) is shorter [2][3]

Snowshoe Peak is a mountain in the U.S. state of Montana. At 8,738 ft (2,663 m), it is the highest peak in the Cabinet Mountains of Northwestern Montana and Idaho.

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