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A snowshoe running race.

Snowshoe running, or snowshoeing, is a winter sport practiced with snowshoes, which is governed by World Snowshoe Federation (WSSF) founded in 2010, which until 2015 had its name International Snowshoe Federation (ISSF).[1][2] The snowshoes running is part of the Special Olympics and Arctic Winter Games programs.

International federations[edit]

The World Snowshoe Federation (WSSF) is the global governing body of snowshoe running recognized by the International Olympic Committee.[3]

World championships[edit]

WSSF organized the World Snowshoe Championships in 2016 in Vezza d'Oglio, Italy and in 2017 in Saranac Lake, NY from 24 February to 25 February 2017,[4] until the previous edition, the ISSF 2015 World Snowshoe Championships, held in Quebec City, Canada, the championships were organized by the same International federation, but with old name of ISSF.[5]

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