Sołtys (video game)

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Publisher(s)LK Avalon

Sołtys (English: Mayor[1]) is a Polish point and click adventure game by LK Avalon which was released for MS-DOS on May 23, 1995.


The player is the head of a village called Poraż, who must convince Leon, the husband-to-be of the player's daughter, to return to the wedding that he has run away from.


Computer Laboratory Avalon began life in 1989 as a garage company by two nineteen-year-olds (Tomasz Pazdan and Janusz Pelc) out of their flat in Rzeszów. Their first title was Robbo, and they had issues with distribution, recording the game on second-hand cassettes which they bought from a bookstore and recorded over, and finances. Managing to survive thanks to a large order from Centralna Składnica Harcerska [pl], 6 years later they decided to make Sołtys.[2]

The developers chose to use typical local humour that Polish players would appreciate, which could be useful in solving some puzzles.[3]

Sołtys was released as freeware on November 26, 2011, at the ScummVM website, in both Polish and English.[4]


Gry Online gave particular praise to the game's cartoony graphical style.[5] Galu wrote that the games puzzles were more logical than those of its LucasArts predecessors, but that this was its only positive.[6]


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