So, Who's Paranoid?

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So, Who's Paranoid?
So, Who's Paranoid The damned.jpg
Studio album by
Released17 November 2008
1 July 2010 (Vinyl Limited Edition)
LabelEnglish Channel Records
The Damned chronology
Grave Disorder
So, Who's Paranoid?
Evil Spirits
Singles from So, Who's Paranoid?
  1. "Little Miss Disaster"
    Released: 1 December 2005
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]
CHARTattack2/5 stars[2]
The Guardian3/5 stars[3]
Slant Magazine3/5 stars[4]
Record Collector4/4 stars[5]

So, Who's Paranoid is the tenth studio album from The Damned. Released in November 2008, it was their first album in seven years. Musically, the album draws from the band's 1980s Gothic rock sound.[6]


Guardian critic Dave Simpson thought it was their best album in a while and said the album "takes a lead from 1980's superb The Black Album by skipping through genres" and "fabulous pop anthems such as Perfect Sunday may find them a new audience even now."[3] While Cameron Gordon, writing for CHARTattack, wasn't so kind. He said the album "blows", was "a really tedious album to absorb" and contains "either generic pop-punk blandness or self-indulgent silliness".[2] Allmusic critic Mark Deming said " there is practically nothing on So, Who's Paranoid? that resembles punk rock as we know it", he suggested it was more likely to appeal to people who liked the band's later albums, like Strawberries and Phantasmagoria".[1] Slant Magazine said it "rises above mediocrity"[4] but Record Collector said it was a "beautifully controlled blend of melody and dynamic".[5]

The closing track Dark Asteroid is a tribute to Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett, who died two years previously.[7][8]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Captain Sensible except where noted.

  1. "A Nation Fit for Heroes" (Sensible, Martin Newell) - 3:57
  2. "Under the Wheels" (Sensible, Pinch) - 5:02
  3. "Dr. Woofenstein" (Sensible, Pinch) - 5:54
  4. "Shallow Diamonds" - 3:34
  5. "Since I Met You" (Monty Oxymoron) - 4:07
  6. "A Danger to Yourself" - 4:04
  7. "Maid for Pleasure" - 4:34
  8. "Perfect Sunday" (Sensible, Dave Vanian) - 4:42
  9. "Aim To Please" (extra track on 2010 vinyl editions only)
  10. "Nature's Dark Passion" (Oxymoron) - 4:11
  11. "Little Miss Disaster" - 4:23
  12. "Just Hangin'" - 3:58
  13. "Nothing" (Sensible, Stu West) - 3:41
  14. "Half Forgotten Memories" (extra track on 2010 vinyl editions only)
  15. "Dark Asteroid" - 14:02


The Damned
Additional personnel
  • Bela Emerson - cello, saw on "Nature's Dark Passion"
  • Lorraine Bowen - conductor on "Dr. Woofenstein"
  • Ben Moore - drums on "Dr. Woofenstein"
  • The Brighton Gay Men's Chorus - vocals on "Dr. Woofenstein"
  • Adam Whittaker - Mix
  • "Little Miss Disaster" Recorded and Mixed By Ewan Davies
  • Adrian Wear - artwork, sleeve design


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