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"So Alive"
Single by Ryan Adams
from the album Rock n Roll
Released 2004
Format CD Single, 7" vinyl
Genre Rock
Label Lost Highway Records
Writer(s) Ryan Adams / Johnny T. Yerington
Producer(s) James Barber
Ryan Adams singles chronology
So Alive
"This Is It"
Music video
"So Alive" on YouTube

"So Alive" is a song by singer-songwriter Ryan Adams from his 2003 album Rock n Roll. The song was co-written with Johnny T. Yerington[1] and was released as a single in 2004.[2]

In a 2003 interview with VH1, Adams talked about the song's background: "It was the last song [on the album] to have lyrics. It was the last day of making the record. I got up... walked down to Stuyvesant City Cove and watched the boats go by... I wanted to write a song about how romantic I was feeling. [The song] has a super big falsetto. I don't know where the hell that came from."[3]

Music Video[edit]

A music video for "So Alive", shot by Doug Aitken, was produced in late 2003.[4] The video features Adams performing the song as he wanders through a surreal desert dreamscape characterized by snakes, giant spider webs, scraggly bushes and overall desolation. It was the subject of a behind-the-scenes "Making The Video" special on MTV2, shot at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles. In the special, Adams refers to the "nightmare scenarios" depicted in the video, while producer/first assistant director Peter Murray calls it "a journey of the mind". Throughout the shoot Adams is seen clowning around, cracking jokes with the crew and generally having a good time.[5]


The various "So Alive" singles contain several Rock n Roll outtakes as b-sides, including "Ah, Life", "Don't Even Know Her Name", "I'm Coming Over", and "Luxury".[6]

"Ah, Life", "Don't Even Know Her Name", and "I'm Coming Over" were also released on the Moroccan Role EP in 2004.[7]

Additionally, a limited edition 7" vinyl single was released with a 4-track recording of "Come Pick Me Up" as the b-side.[8]

Track listings[edit]

So Alive CD1
Lost Highway 986 1610

  1. "So Alive" (LP version)
  2. "Ah, Life" (non-album track)
  3. "Don't Even Know Her Name" (non-album track)
  4. "So Alive" (music video)

So Alive CD2
Lost Highway 986 1611

  1. "So Alive" (LP version)
  2. "I'm Coming Over" (non-album track)

So Alive Promo CD
Lost Highway RYANCPD5

  1. "So Alive" (radio edit)
  2. "So Alive" (LP version)

7" Vinyl Single
Lost Highway B394947-D1

  1. "So Alive" (LP version)
  2. "Luxury" (non-album track)

Limited Edition 7" Vinyl Single
Lost Highway MRNR-02487-7

  1. "So Alive" (LP version)
  2. "Come Pick Me Up" (original 4-track version)

Personnel & Production Credits[edit]

  • Ryan Adams — guitar, bass, vocals, and almost all instruments
  • Johnny T. Yerington — drums
  • Produced by James Barber

"Ah, Life" / "Don't Even Know Her Name" / "I'm Coming Over" / "Luxury"

"Come Pick Me Up (Original 4-Track Version, Jacksonville, NC)"

  • Produced by Allen Midgett


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