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So French Records
FounderMac Stanton
GenreFrench Touch, house, electro, electronic, acid house
Country of originFrance

So French Records is an independent record label based in Paris, France. The label's goal is to gather emerging new artists that produce the "French Touch" genre of house music.


So French Records was founded in December 2008 by producer "Mac Stanton". Its first release was the Beverly Hills Chase EP by the Freshlovers. Beverly Hills Chase was remixed by a number of notable groups, including Superfunk, Super Mal, Jetset Hifi, Edwin Van Cleef, 4TrakZ, Vch Crew, Super 64, and Vox Populis.

So French Records released a second EP titled The Thrills by Overthrill, followed by the Outbreak EP by Vinter In Hollywood and the Feeling Fresh EP by Marc Remillard.[1][2][3]

List of Artists on So French Records[edit]


Release Date Artist Title Catalogue
19 January 2009 Freshlovers Beverly Hills Chase SF001
5 March 2009 Overthrill The Thrills EP SF002
7 May 2009 Vinter In Hollywood Outbreak EP SF003
14 May 2009 Marc Remillard Feeling Fresh EP SF004
11 January 2010 Freshlovers So French Hymn SF012
1 February 2010 Nightriders Take it back EP SF013
27 December 2010 Fiero Disco Night EP SF025
21 March 2011 Subdue Horizon EP SF026
26 September 2011 Anthony Atcherley Paris Baby! EP SF032
24 February 2012 Mac Stanton Mac Stanton LP SF035
30 July 2012 Artists Compilation Summer Time Vol.2 Comp SF038
17 December 2012 DGTO Moonrise Ep SF039
31 December 2012 Artists Compilation 4th Birthday Comp SF040
11 February 2013 Adrian Wreck RN113 Ep SF041
22 Avril 2013 Butyreux Everybody Ep SF042
7 Mai 2013 Mac Stanton, Superfunk Disco Robots Ep SF043

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