So Shush

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So Shush
Origin Manchester, England
Genres Indie rock, Indie pop
Years active 2000–present
Members Carole Smart
Ian Drumm

Although relatively unknown in their own country So Shush are an English alternative rock band who have generated a following in the US having featured coast to coast on numerous FM radio and internet radio playlists. They’re often noted for a distinctive melodic style that draws on sixties pop and progressive rock influences.

In 2011 So Shush featured at number 7 in Neil Young’s Living With War Today video chart [1] with their song ‘We are the ones who say no’. The lyrics were composed from the names of famous protest songs.


Studio albums[edit]

  • So Shush (2008)
  • Wistful Wanders (2009)
  • Manchester Times (2010)
  • A Mirror Gaze (2012)


  • Someone (2008)
  • Do Make Me Feel (2008)
  • Every Day (2009)
  • Sixties Planet (2009)
  • Girls (2011)
  • As We Bask in the Heat of the Sun (2011)


  • Skratch Magazine, USA Sampler vol 49 (To be released 2009) features the So Shush song 'People need something'. [2]


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