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Soon Sakaser is a valley situated in northern Punjab, Pakistan.[1]


Soon is a Sanskrit word meaning beautiful. Sakaser is a compound of Saki and sar. Saki is related to Sakia or Buddha; and sar means pond.[citation needed]


Soon Sakaser is situated at the juncture of Mianwali, Khushab, and Chakwal districts. On the north of the valley is the Pakhar area of Tala Gang Tehsil; on the east side is the Venhar area of Chakwal tehsil; on the south side is a hilly area of Khushab tehsil; and on the west side, Mianwal tehsil is situated.[2]

The valley is 76 kilometres (47 mi) long and 19 kilometres (12 mi) wide. It is located in the Salt Range area. Water does not drain from the area, and some salt-water lakes have formed. Two of them are Khabikki Lake and Uchhali Lake. The valley is surrounded by mountains; Sakaser is the highest at its height is 1,520 metres (4,990 ft).


Soan Sakaser has inhabited since ancient times, and artifacts of various periods have been found. Relics of Hindu, Buddhist, Moghul, Sikh, and British periods have been found here.[citation needed] Sodhi Park and Kanhati Park are situated nearby.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 32°34′N 72°01′E / 32.56°N 72.02°E / 32.56; 72.02