Soap Bubble Nebula

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Soap Bubble Nebula
Emission nebula
Planetary nebula
Soap Bubble Nebula.jpg
Observation data: J2000 epoch
Right ascension20h 15m 26s
Declination+38° 02' 48"
Apparent dimensions (V)4' 20"
DesignationsPN G75.5+1.7
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The Soap Bubble Nebula, or PN G75.5+1.7, is a planetary nebula in the constellation Cygnus,[1] near the Crescent Nebula (NGC 6888).[2] It was discovered by amateur astronomer Dave Jurasevich using an Astro-Physics 160 mm refractor telescope who imaged the nebula on June 19, 2007 and on July 6, 2008.[3] The nebula was later independently noted and reported to the International Astronomical Union by Keith. B. Quattrocchi and Mel Helm who imaged PN G75.5+1.7 on July 17, 2008.[4]


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