Sobieski (vodka)

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Vodka Sobieski.jpg
Type Vodka
Manufacturer Distillery Sobieski S.A.
Country of origin Poland
Introduced 1864
Alcohol by volume 40%
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Sobieski is a Polish brand of vodka produced from rye (cultivar Dankowski[1]). It is named after John III Sobieski, a 17th-century Polish king and military leader. Vodka Sobieski had been distilled since 1864. It comes in different flavours, such as: Original (labeled red), Peach, Mandarin, Vanilla, Melon. The Original is of 40% abv.

In the autumn of 2007, Sobieski was ranked as #1 vodka by the Beverage Tasting Institute, based on a blind tasting of 108 different vodkas.[2] In 2012, Sobieski was the sixteenth most popular vodka in the world, by sales.[3]

In November 2015, Sobieski Orange, Sobieski Raspberry and Sobieski Vanilla Vodkas were awarded Gold medals by The Fifty Best, based on a blind tasting of the flavored vodkas in five separate categories, and rating them individually on a 1-5 point scoring system with 5 being the best.[4]


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