Sobral, Ceará

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City waterfront
City waterfront
Flag of Sobral
Official seal of Sobral
Nickname(s): A Quarta Roma
Motto: Sobral cada vez melhor
Location in the state of Ceará and Brazil
Location in the state of Ceará and Brazil
Coordinates: 03°40′26″S 40°14′20″W / 3.67389°S 40.23889°W / -3.67389; -40.23889Coordinates: 03°40′26″S 40°14′20″W / 3.67389°S 40.23889°W / -3.67389; -40.23889
Country Brazil
Region Northeast
State Ceará
Settled July 5, 1773
 • Mayor Ivo Gomes (PDT)
 • Total 2,129.989 km2 (822.393 sq mi)
Elevation 70 m (230 ft)
Population (2009)[1]
 • Total 213,673
 • Density 83.32/km2 (215.8/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-3 (UTC-3)
 • Summer (DST) UTC-2 (UTC-2)
HDI (2010) 0.714[2]UNDP
Designated 1379
Reference no. 944
A general view of the city's downtown area as photographed from the seat of the city government
A historical building in downtown Sobral

Sobral is a municipality in the state of Ceará, Brazil.

Sobral is the fifth largest municipality of Ceará, after Fortaleza. Its economy is based on agriculture, services and some manufacturing industries. The city has two public universities (Universidade Federal do Ceará, with a medical school, computer engineering, electrical engineering, finance, economy, dentistry, psychology and teaching music) and the Universidade Estadual do Vale do Acaraú, and also has two other private colleges, Faculdade Luciano Feijão, Unopar, Ieducare, and Inta − a theological institute. The city is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sobral.

The city became internationally known as the place where the first astronomical observation of a solar eclipse on May 29, 1919, by a team of British scientists led by Sir Frank Watson Dyson was offered as the first proof of Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, which had been published in 1916. The town's "Museum of the Eclipse" celebrates this event. There is a monument at the museum marking the location of this solar eclipse, erected in honor of a planetarium in the Patrocinio Square. In recent times, the city has become the very core of the Reactionary Political Thinking in Brazil, receiving by his members the title of "The Fourth Rome", in reference to Rome(the "Aeterna Civitas"), Constantinople(The "Second Rome" and the "Most Holy City of Constantine") and Moscow("The Third Rome") and in reference to the Catholic Faith, followed by most of population.


  • Ivo Gomes (PDT)


The climate of Sobral is hot almost all year. The temperature in the municipality varies from 22 to 36 °C (72 to 97 °F).



  • Universidade Vale do Acaraú (University Acarau Valley)
  • Universidade Federal do Ceará(Federal University of Ceara)
  • Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade federal do Ceará(Federal University of Ceara`s School of Medicine)

There are 105 schools in the city.

Public schools[edit]

  • Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental Sinhá Saboia
  • Escola Estadual Dom José Tupinambá da Frota
  • Escola Municipal Emílio Sendim
  • Escola Municipal Maria do Carmo de Andrade
  • Escola Municipal Mocinha Rodrigues
  • Escola Padre Osvaldo Chaves
  • Escola Prof Gerardo Rodrigues de Albuquerque

Political Thinking[edit]

In the recent Brazilian Political Crisis, Sobral has revealed itself as a nucleus of birth and development of the most radical political thinking in Brazil, both to Right and Left. The Think-Thanks of Political Sobralense Thinking are:

  • Iniciativa Condor(Condor Initiative)- A Think thank formed by the Far-Right Faction in both Schools of Medicine, Engineering and Law, describes themselves as "Tradicionalist Catholics, Ultra-Reactionaries, Monarchists and anti-Republicans"
  • Levante Popular da Juventude(Youth`s Popular Uprising)-Far Authoritarian Left, politically aligned with the Gomists, supporters of the Gomes` political faction, both local and national
  • Fome(Famine)- Anarco-Communist Left Group, with broad support in the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy
  • Rua("Street")- Anarco-Communist Left Group
  • UNIR+("More Union")- De iure, a Neutral Political Party. De facto, member of the Anti-Gomist Coallition

Private schools[edit]

  • Escola Luciano Feijão
  • Escola Farias Brito Sobralense
  • Escola José Romão
  • Escola do Patrocinio



The city has thirteen radio stations.

  • Jovem Pan FM
  • Rede Jangadeiro
  • Rede Som Zoom Sat
  • Rede Plus FM
  • Coqueiros FM
  • Paraíso FM
  • Public Radio
  • Sobral Public Radio
  • Caiçara AM
  • Tupinamba AM
  • Regional
  • Ressureição
  • Educadora do Nordeste de Sobral


The city has one television station, NordesTV.[3]

Tourist attractions[edit]

  • Museu do Eclipse (Museum)
  • Museu Dom José (Museum)
  • Museu M A D I (Museum)
  • Teatro São José (Theatre)
  • Teatro São João (Theatre)
  • Biblioteca Pública Municipal (Library)
  • Serra de Meruoca (Meruoca mountain) Alcântaras and Meruoca


Four roads give access to the city: BR-222, CE-440, CE-441 and BR-220.[4]

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