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Headquarters San Francisco, USA
Website SoccerFours

SoccerFours is a non-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area focused on creating opportunities for individuals to play pick-up soccer in their community. The aim is to provide an organized and structured environment where players of all skill ranges can play soccer and work on various aspects of their game (fitness, technical skills, tactics, etc.). In addition to creating links and strengthening existing ones within the community, SoccerFours plans to make donations to local charities.

Soccerfours was recently featured in the San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper,[1] winning the award as "Best Four on Four ballin'.

The Game[edit]

Each session is one hour long. Half of a regular sized 11-a-side soccer field is divided up into 4 smaller fields where 8 teams play each other in rotation. Due to SoccerFours non-competitive spirit, no score is kept and no sliding tackles are allowed.

SoccerFours Sessions[edit]

SoccerFours is active in two locations in the Bay Area:

San Francisco (Franklin Park - 17th Street and Bryant Street, San Francisco)

(Kimball Field - Geary Street and Steiner Street, San Francisco)

Previously SoccerFours has hosted sessions in Marin and the East Bay:

Marin (Tamalpais HS - 700 Miller Ave. Mill Valley, CA)

Oakland (Raimondi Field - 18th Street and Wood Street, Oakland).

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