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A soccer robot is a specialized autonomous robot and mobile robot that is used to play variants of soccer.

The main organised competitions are RoboCup or FIRA tournaments played each year.

The RoboCup contest currently has a number of soccer leagues:

Additionally, there is a RoboCupJunior league for younger students.

qfix soccer robot[edit]

qfix "Terminator"

The qfix soccer robot "Terminator" is an omnidrive robot that can be used for RoboCup Junior. It includes a kicker and a dribbler as well as a controller board with Atmel controller.

The robot can be programmed using the GNU GCC compiler from the PC.

Graupner RC-SOCCERBOT[edit]

The Graupner "RC-SOCCERBOT" is a mobile robot platform developed by qfix which can be used as a radio-controller toy playing soccer with ping-pong balls. Gaining more experience in robotics the user can also implement C++ programs on the robot.

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