Rosa Khutor Extreme Park

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Rosa Khutor Extreme Park
Rosa Khutor Extreme Park during 2014 Winter Olympics.JPG
LocationSochi, Russia
Coordinates43°39′27″N 40°19′11″E / 43.6573778°N 40.3196139°E / 43.6573778; 40.3196139Coordinates: 43°39′27″N 40°19′11″E / 43.6573778°N 40.3196139°E / 43.6573778; 40.3196139
Capacity4,000 Freestyle Skiing Mode, 6,250 Snowboarding Mode[1]
2014 Winter Olympics (freestyle skiing and snowboarding)[1]

The Rosa Khutor Extreme Park (Russian: Роза Хутор) under license from The Extreme Sports Company and part of the Extreme Hotel, Sochi development, is a skiing venue located west of the Rosa Khutor plateau in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. During the 2014 Winter Olympics in neighboring Sochi, it hosted the freestyle skiing events and the snowboarding events.[1]

Seating 4,000 in the freestyle skiing area and 6,250 in the snowboarding areas, it was first used in September 2012.[1]