Société Industrielle Pour l’Aéronautique

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SIPA S.901 at Berck-sur-Mer in May 1957

Société Industrielle Pour l’Aéronautique (SIPA) was a French aircraft manufacturer established in 1938 by Émile Dewoitine after his previous company, Avions Dewoitine, was nationalized the year before. From 1938-1940, SIPA principally manufactured parts for other French aircraft companies. After World War II, it began developing a series of trainers for the French Air Force.

In 1947, SIPA won a competition for a new two-seat touring and trainer aircraft for France's aero clubs and 113 were produced as the SIPA S.90 series.[1] The SIPA S.1000 Coccinelle was built in small numbers in 1956/57.

Its SIPA S.200 Minijet, first flown in 1952, was the world's first all-metal two-seat light jet.

SIPA was taken over by Aérospatiale in 1975.



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