Société Provençale de Constructions Aéronautiques

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Société Provençale de Constructions Aéronautiques
IndustryAeronautics, defence
FoundedFrance (June 12, 1925 (1925-06-12))
FounderGeorges Philippar
DefunctFebruary 1, 1937 (1937-02-01)
ParentSociété Provençale de Construction Navale
The SPCA 30, an ambitious project of the company that did not go into production.

The Société Provençale de Constructions Aéronautiques (SPCA) was an aircraft manufacturing company based in France, with its head office in Paris and its workshop in La Ciotat, Marseille.[1]


Founded by Georges Philippar in 1925, SPCA began as a subsidiary venture of SPCN (Société Provençale de Constructions Navales) shipbuilding company. Initially this aircraft builder was known particularly for its seaplanes.

None of the aircraft made by SPCA was built in large numbers. Part of them never even made it past the prototype stage, such as the 1928 SPCA 10, often known as the SPCA Paulhan-Pillard after its designers Louis Paulhan and engineer Pillard.[2]

In the early 1930s SPCA built the SPCA Hermès 60T, a twin-engined flying boat, the small, single-engined SPCA 80 avion "de police coloniale" and the three-engined SPCA 90, an airliner and ambulance aircraft.[1]

In 1936 SPCA was nationalized[3] and merged in 1937 with Lioré et Olivier, Potez, CAMS and Romano in order to form the Société nationale des constructions aéronautiques du Sud-Est (SNCASE).[4]

List of aircraft[edit]


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