Société des Peintres Orientalistes Français

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The Société des Peintres Orientalistes Français (French pronunciation: ​[sɔ.sje.te de pɛ̃tʁ ɔ.ʁjɑ̃.ta.list fʁɑ̃.sɛ] "Orientalist French Painters Society") was an art society founded in 1893 to promote not only Orientalism but also the travel of French artists in the Far East.

Founding members included Maurice Bompard, Eugène Girardet, Alphonse-Étienne Dinet and Paul Leroy. Léonce Bénédite, director of the Musée du Luxembourg was secretary, and Jean-Léon Gérôme and Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant were named honorary presidents.[1] u,

Its activities in the French colonies were soon challenged by a rival society, more focussed on educational and cultural activities in the French colonies, the Société Coloniale des Artistes Français, founded by Louis Dumoulin in 1908.[2]

The secretary Léonce Bénédite was initiator of the Prix Abd-el-Tif in 1907 as an Orientalist equivalent of the Prix de Rome, with a stay at the Villa Abd-el-Tif similar to the stay in Rome at the Villa Medicis offered by the better known prize.


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