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SocialGO is a British company that produces two products: the first being SocialGO Classic, a social network builder that allows users to create a custom social network using preset configuration, and the second being SocialGO Pro, a social website builder that allows users to use advanced customization to form an online community for a group, business or interest.[1] Founded in June 2007, SocialGO was co-founded by Alex Halliday,[1] Steve Hardman, and Dominic Wheatley. The site and the now renamed SocialGO Classic was launched in February 2009.

SocialGO offers premium services whereby it builds a site on behalf of a customer.

In August 2011 SocialGO launched a revised version of the platform at, now renamed as SocialGO Pro, which offers more features for users and is intended to eventually replace the main site.[2]


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