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Social analytics is a philosophical perspective developed since the early 1980s by the Danish idea historian and philosopher Lars-Henrik Schmidt. The theoretical object of the perspective is socius, a kind of "commonness" that is neither a universal account nor a communality shared by every member of a body.[1] Thus, Social Analytics differs from traditional philosophy as well as sociology. It might be said that the perspective attempts to articulate the contentions between philosophy and sociology. The practise of Social Analytics is to report on tendencies of the times. It does not aim to make a diagnosis of the times that can be agreed upon by everyone or anybody but a report that no one wants to protest about.

Social media analytics[edit]

Social media analytics (or Social Media Listening or Online Listening) is a tool for uncovering customer sentiment dispersed across countless online sources. The analytics allow marketers to identify sentiments and trends in order to better meet their customers needs. There have been examples where companies, such as Whirlpool,[2] Royal Bank of Canada[3] and JetBlue,[4] have used such analytics tools to engage customers in response to their feedback.

Likewise, academic research projects have tried to investigate the use of the social data stream in analysing and explaining further circadian, daily or seasonal emotional patterns arising in a population. A tool titled as Mood of the Nation[5] and developed by researchers at the University of Bristol is an example, where affective norms for the emotions of anger, fear, sadness and joy are extracted based on Twitter content published by users geo-located in the United Kingdom.

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