Social Democratic Action of Croatia

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Not to be confused with Party of Democratic Action of Croatia.
Social Democratic Action of Croatia
Akcija socijaldemokrata Hrvatske
President Zlatko Klarić
Founded 22 October 1994 (1994-10-22)
Split from Social Democratic Party
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Ideology Social democracy,
Left-wing populism,
Political position Left-wing
Colors Blue

Social Democratic Action of Croatia (Croatian: Akcija socijaldemokrata Hrvatske or ASH) is a Croatian left-wing political party.

It was founded by 1994 by members of Social Democratic Party of Croatia dissatisfied with the centrist policies of SDP leader Ivica Račan and his lack of criticism towards Franjo Tuđman.

The party had high hopes of gathering support beyond disenchanted SDP voters after Croatian Spring leader Miko Tripalo left Croatian People's Party in order to join them. In 1994, they tried to force an all-left party coalition in Croatia for the upcoming elections. The idea was rejected by Ivica Račan and SDP so they failed to realise it.

In the 1995 parliamentary election most of left-wing voters opted for SDP while ASH managed to get only one seat.

Alongside the party presidents, ASH had prominent members such as Vjeran Zuppa (prominent left-wing intellectual and dramaturge) and Tomislav Jakić (former journalist, TV reporter and advisor to president Stjepan Mesić).

As of 2009, the party's membership is 6,300.[1]



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