Social Democratic Party of Pridnestrovie

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Social Democratic Party of Pridnestrovie
Партидул Сочиал-Демократ
Социал-Демократическая Партия
Соціал-Демократична Партія
Leader Alexander Radchenko
Founded 25 January 2007
Dissolved c. 2011 (unofficial)
Headquarters Tiraspol, Transnistria
Ideology Social democracy
Transnistrian autonomism
Political position Centre-left to Left-wing
Colours Red, Green (Colours of the Flag of Transnistria)

The Social Democratic Party of Pridnestrovie (Moldovan: Партидул Сочиал-Демократ, Russian: Социал-Демократическая Партия Ukrainian: Соціал-Демократична Партія) was a social-democratic political party in Transnistria.

It was formed on 25 January 2007 by Alexander Radchenko, a former member of the Transnistrian Supreme Soviet. Unlike other political parties in Transnistria, it supports conditional unification with Moldova with a high amount of autonomy for Transnistria. After 2009 the party lost its influence and faded. As of 2013, it doesn't function, has no offices, staff or membership, although it never officially declared its dissolution.

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