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The Social Democratic Rally (commonly: RSD-Gaskiya, French: Rassemblement social démocratique-Gaskiya) is a political party in Niger. Its president is Amadou Cheiffou and its first secretary-general is Mahamadou Ali Tchémogo.[1]

Founding and 2004 elections[edit]

The RSD-Gaskiya was founded by Amadou Cheiffou in January 2004 as a split from the Democratic and Social Convention (CDS),[2] and it fared well in the July 2004 municipal elections.[3][4] In the November 16, 2004 presidential election, Cheiffou, standing as the RSD candidate, won 6.35% of the vote and placed fourth. The party backed incumbent President Tandja Mamadou in the second round of the election.[5] In the parliamentary election held together with the presidential election's second round on December 4, 2004, the RSD-Gaskiya won 7.1% of the popular vote and seven out of 113 seats in the National Assembly.

2009 elections[edit]

In May 2009, it became one of a handful of parties allied to the MNSD to support President Tanja's call for a referendum to create a new constitution which would remove term limits on the President of Niger.[1]