Social Democratic Youth (Finland)

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Social Democratic Youth
Sosialdemokraattiset Nuoret
Chairperson Mikkel Näkkäläjärvi
Founded 1959 (1959)
Split from Social Democratic Youth League of Finland
Headquarters Helsinki, Finland
Mother party Social Democratic Party of Finland
International affiliation International Union of Socialist Youth
European affiliation Young European Socialists
Magazine Lippu (ISSN 0785-5850)

The Social Democratic Youth (Finnish: Sosialdemokraattiset Nuoret, also known as Demarinuoret) is the youth organisation of Social Democratic Party of Finland. The organisation currently claims 5 000 members.[1] In the 1970s they had 40 000 members.[2]

The organisation was founded in 1959 as split from the Social Democratic Youth League of Finland (SSN, founded 1921), which aligned with SDP opposition, the Social Democratic Union of Workers and Smallholders. The original name of the league was Central League of Social Democratic Youth (Sosialidemokraattisen Nuorison Keskusliitto, SNK).[3] Most of the old SSN members and sections soon joined the SNK.[2]

Demarinuoret is member of Young European Socialists (YES), International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) and Nordic Committee of Co-operating Social Democratic Youth (FNSU). Social Democratic Youth has 14 district organisations and Swedish section Finlands svenska unga socialdemokrater (FSUD). Statewide members of the league include the youth organisations of Finnish Metalworkers' Union and Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors.

Since 1972, Lippu (ISSN 0785-5850) has been the organ of the league. It was preceded by Kuriiri (1971) and Nuorin Siivin (1958–1970).


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