Social Green Regionalist Federation

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Social Green Regionalist Federation

Federación Regionalista Verde Social
PresidentJaime Mulet
FoundedJanuary 24, 2017 (2017-01-24)
LegalisedApril 25, 2017 (2017-04-25)
HeadquartersAvenida El Bosque 1123, Providencia, Santiago
Membership (2017)3.401[1]
Green politics
Political positionCentre-left
National affiliationGreen Regionalist Coalition
ColorsGreen, Orange, Yellow, Red and Blue
Chamber of Deputies
4 / 155
0 / 43

The Social Green Regionalist Federation (Spanish: Federación Regionalista Verde Social) is a Chilean political party.

It was founded on January 14, 2017 after the union of the regionalist parties Regional and Popular Front (Spanish: Frente Regional y Popular), Green North Regional Force (Spanish: Fuerza Regional Norte Verde), Social Agrarian Regionalist Independent Movement (Spanish: Movimiento Independiente Regionalista Agrario y Social) and We Are Aysén (Spanish: Somos Aysén).

The Federation was created as a result of the new law of political parties that requires the constitution of the parties in at least three contiguous or eight discontinuous regions, and to be able to present candidacies to the parliamentary elections and of regional boards.[2][3]

In 2017 they joined the Patagonian Regional Democracy party to form the Green Regionalist Coalition electoral pact.[4]

The leaders of the parties that make up the federation and its home region are the following:

  • Jaime Mulet, president of the Regional and Popular Front (Antofagasta and Atacama).
  • Agapito Santander, president of the Green North Regional Force (Coquimbo).
  • Alejandra Sepúlveda, president of the Social Agrarian Regionalist Independent Movement (O'Higgins).
  • Jonathan Hechenleitner, president of We Are Aysén (Aysén).


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