Social Liberal Union

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Social Liberal Union
Uniunea Social Liberală
Leader Victor Ponta (PSD)
Crin Antonescu (PNL)
Daniel Constantin (PC)
Gabriel Oprea (UNPR)
Co-President Victor Ponta
Co-President Crin Antonescu
Founded 5 February 2011
Dissolved 25 February 2014
Headquarters Șoseaua Kiseleff nr. 57
011344 Bucharest
Colors Red, yellow, blue
135 / 171
Chamber of Deputies[a]
289 / 404
County Council Presidents[b]
37 / 41
County Councils[b]
728 / 1,338
1,969 / 3,121
Local Councils[c]
20,420 / 39,121

^ Seats obtained at the 2012 election
^ Seats obtained at the 2012 election
^ Seats computed by adding all the seats obtained at the 2012 election by the Union and the constituent parties at the time of the election

The Social Liberal Union (Romanian: Uniunea Social Liberală, USL) was a coalition of political parties in Romania. The alliance contained both centre-left and centre-right parties.



The USL was formed on 5 February 2011[1] initially between the Social Democratic Party (PSD), and the Centre Right Alliance (ACD) of National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Conservative Party (PC).

2012 elections[edit]

In June 2012 the USL won the local elections by a landslide. After the elections, in September, the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR), originally a breakaway from PSD and PNL, together with the PSD formed the Centre Left Alliance (ACS)[2] and entered into the USL. At the parliamentary elections in December, the four-party coalition won about two thirds of the seats in both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.[3]


After the Centre Right Alliance of PNL and PC dissolved in November 2013, the PC turned leftwards and aligned more with PSD and UNPR. As a result, the centre-right National Liberal Party broke up the coalition on 25 February 2014 and entered opposition.[4]

In the 2014 presidential election, PSD, UNPR and PC would designate Victor Ponta as their united candidate, while the PNL formed a new Christian Liberal Alliance (ACL) with the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) as a precursor to a full merger of the PNL and PDL.