Social Renewal Party (Angola)

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Social Renewal Party
Partido de Renovação Social
President Eduardo Kuangana
Founded November 18, 1990
Headquarters Rua nº1, Martires de Kifangondo n. 33 D, Luanda, Angola
Youth wing Social Renewal Youth
Women's wing Social Renewal Women's Union
Ideology Federalism
Political position Centre-left
Slogan Peace, Democracy, Progress
Seats in the National Assembly
3 / 220
Party flag
PRS banner
Website of the PRS

The Social Renewal Party (Partido de Renovação Social) is a political party in Angola. The party was founded in 1991. It is mainly based within the Quioco (Chokwé) ethnic group. In the 1992 elections it won six seats.

In 1999 the party passed through a period of inner strife, in which four MPs were expelled from the party.

The PRS won 3.17% of the vote in the September 2008 parliamentary election, winning eight seats out of 220 seats.[1] It performed particularly well in Lunda Sul and Lunda Norte provinces, although it still placed second behind the governing Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in those provinces.[2][3]


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