Social Security System (Philippines)

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Social Security System
Paseguruhan ng Kapanatagang Panlipunan
SSS logo PH.svg
SSS Building.JPG
The SSS Building
Agency overview
Formed 1957
Headquarters SSS Building, East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Agency executive Emilio S. De Quiros, Jr., President and CEO
Parent agency Department of Finance

The Philippine Social Security System (Filipino: Paseguruhan ng Kapanatagang Panlipunan, or SSS) is a social insurance program for workers in the Philippines. It is a government agency that provides retirement and health benefits to all enrolled employees in the Philippines. Members of the SSS can also make 'salary' or 'calamity' loans. Salary loans depend on the monthly salary of the employee. Calamity loans are for such times when there is a calamity that has been so declared by the government, in the area where the SSS member lives, such as flooding, earthquake and natural disasters.

Employees of the Philippine National Government do not contribute to SSS but rather have their own system, the Government Service Insurance System or GSIS.

SSS began in 1957.

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