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The Social and Environmental Responsibility World Forum is an initiative organized by the Réseau Alliances in 1993 in partnership with private and public organizations, to encourage social and economic responsibility among businesses.

The initiative is for four years (2007–2010) with the goal of creating a permanent cycle of continuous exchanges and communication between actors from all parts of the world.

The work of the Forum is based on concrete projects and actions so as to set up, from examples, « steps to follow » to generalize social and environmental responsibility throughout the world. During that period, major events were supposed to take place in Lille to bring together actors and experts in social and environmental responsibility of all nationalities, especially during the international meetings scheduled in October each year.

Developed on economic leaders’ initiative, the Réseau Alliances federates and helps businesses anxious to improve their performance while being more respectful of people and the environment.

Topics discussed[edit]

  • A socially and environmentally responsible economy opened to the diversity of cultures and origins
  • Diversity and equal opportunity: a new field in social negotiation
  • Place and role of the women at all levels of responsibility in the world
  • Equal opportunities and territories: the conditions for a fairer economic development
  • Identifying, evaluating and developing good practices in the company

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