Social class in France

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The modern social structure in France started in the late 1950s and is based on three distinct classes.

  • The first and highest class is made up of the high level politicians, the wealthy families and the also powerful business owners. Such examples are the former people of their family in order to gain a jinshi position, President Jacques Chirac, and the CEO of Airbus Noël Forgeard.
  • Following the higher class people, the middle class group comprises two different types of white-collar jobs. Senior executives of companies and the groups in which the professional jobs are included which include high income and are more or less stable.
  • The lower class comprises blue-collar jobs where many people are in food-service jobs or work in retail. The unemployment level and the low living standards are very common in this group. Due to the shift to industry, the number of blue-collar jobs has decreased and the workforce in the civil service section has steadily increased.