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There are many social and country clubs throughout modern Pakistan, a legacy of the British Raj.[1] Many of the historically established clubs in Pakistan, such as the Sind Club, Punjab Club, Chenab Club, Quetta Club, and Peshawar Club were founded in the British era for the leisure of British officers and other non-natives. A few more recent creations have stuck to the traditions associated with the traditional clubs.

There are perhaps a dozen elite social clubs within Pakistan that act as focal points for the nation's economic elite, owing to their high membership fees and terms of admittance, which usually requires a recommendation or two from an existing member or members.

At present, the following are the established and well regarded social/country clubs within Pakistan:


  • Islamabad Club [2]
  • The Gun Club, Islamabad [3]
  • Ibex Club, Islamabad [4]
  • Lahore Country Club [5]
  • Lahore Gymkhana [1]
  • Lahore Garrison Golf and Country Club
  • Defence Club [2]
  • DeSOM Services Club
  • Greenfields Country Club, Lahore [6]
  • The Oasis Lahore [7]
  • The Chenab Club, Faisalabad[8]
  • Punjab Club[9]
  • Anwaar Club, Sialkot
  • Services Club, Sialkot
  • Rawalpindi Club, Rawalpindi
  • Rawalpindi Gymkhana
  • Multan Garrison Mess, Multan
  • Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore[10]
  • Jacaranda Club, Islamabad [11]
  • Cosmopolitan Club Lahore [12]
  • Highland Country Club Islamabad [13]
  • Lahore Marina Boat Club, Head Baloki [14]
  • Sheraton Golf and Country Club, Islamabad [15]




  • Peshawar Club Limited
  • Abbottabad Club


The above list is by no means exhaustive, and does not include specialist golf or rowing clubs, but only those clubs which can be regarded as Country Clubs in the classic British sense.