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Social graces are skills used to interact politely in social situations. They include manners, etiquette (the specifically accepted rules within a culture for the application of universal manners), deportment, fashion and refinement (also known as sophistication). These skills were once taught to young women at a finishing school or charm school. The focus of social graces has changed over the last century, recently with an emphasis on business etiquette and international protocol.


The art of social etiquette is rapidly disappearing with the new generation of communication through digital media. The basic common courtesy unwritten rules for receiving guests into your home: 1. Make the guest feel welcome. Greet your guest at the door as soon as they knock. When inviting guests in offer to take their coat and hat. Show them to your area and invite them to be comfortably seated. At this stage it is appropriate to put guests at ease regarding foot wear. Generally it is courtesy of the host not to request that foot wear be removed. Once your guests are seated a drink should be offered, along with a suitable area for guests to place the drinks. Never leave your guests alone for extended periods whilst you are making preparations in the kitchen or engage in a long telephone conversation. A host should never eat without offering guests the opportunity first, even a biscuit.