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Socialist Autonomy (Autonomia Socialista) was a social-democratic Italian political party.

It was founded in February 1953 by disgruntled members of the Italian Socialist Workers' Party (PSLI), who did not agree with the proposed new electoral law supported by their party and who wanted a better unity with the Italian Socialist Party (PSI). Its members included Piero Calamandrei, Tristano Codignola, Piero Caleffi, Edmondo Cossu, Giuseppe Faravelli, Aldo Garosci, Antonio Greppi and Paolo Vittorelli.

In April 1953 the party merged with some disgruntled members of the Italian Republican Party (PRI), led by Ferruccio Parri, to form Popular Unity (UP).

The name "Socialist Autonomy" was latterly used by PSI dissidents in different contexts. In most of the cases these re-joined the party soon later.