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The Socialist Democratic Federation (社会民主連合 Shakai-minshu-rengō?) (SDF), also referred to in Japanese by the shortened Shaminren (社民連?), was a Japanese political party that existed from 1978 to 1994. It was formed from the merger of the Socialist Citizen's Federation (社会市民連合 Shakai-shimin-rengō?) and the Shakai Club (社会クラブ Shakai-kurabu?).


Socialist Citizen Federation (SCF)[edit]

In 1977, Hideo Den, Yutaka Hara and Yanosuke Narazaki defected from the SDP and formed the Shakai Club party.

In 1993, Satsuki Eda was head of the Science and Technology Agency in Morihiro Hosokawa's cabinet.

List of presidents of the Socialist Democratic Federation (SDF)[edit]

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