Socialist Party – Broad Front of Ecuador

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Socialist Party – Broad Front of Ecuador
Partido Socialista-Frente Amplio
Leader Enrique Ayala, Víctor Granda and Gustavo Vallejo (radical faction); Fabián Solano (pro-government faction).
Headquarters Quito, Ecuador
Youth wing Juventud Socialista Revolucionaria Ecuatoriana
Ideology Socialism
Political position Left-wing

The Socialist Party – Broad Front of Ecuador (Partido Socialista – Frente Amplio de Ecuador) is a leftist political party in Ecuador. At the legislative elections, 17 February 2013, the party didn't win any seat. It is divided in two factions, a minority supports the current president Rafael Correa, while the majority is in the opposition and supported the leftist candidate, Alberto Acosta.

The party was founded in 1932 and was originally called the Ecuadorian Socialist Party (Partido Socialista Ecuatoriano).