Socialist Party of National Liberation - Provisional

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Socialist Party of National Liberation - Provisional

Partit Socialista d'Alliberament Nacional - Provisional
Split fromSocialist Party of National Liberation
Paramilitary WingOrganització de la Lluita Armada (OLLA) and Arxiu
IdeologyCatalan independence
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationIndependentists of the Catalan Countries
Affiliated unionCol·lectius d'Obrers en Lluita

Socialist Party of National Liberation - Provisional (in Catalan: Partit Socialista d'Alliberament Nacional - Provisional, PSAN-P. PSANp or PSAN (p)) was a pro-Catalan independence political party in the Catalan Countries. The PSAN-P was formed in 1974, as a split of the Socialist Party of National Liberation (PSAN). The main leaders of the party were Carles Castellanos, Eva Serra i Puig and Agustí Alcoberro.[1]

Ideology and tactics[edit]

This new party was more in favor of armed struggle then the PSAN, which forced a significant part of its direction into exile. The PSAN-P had a rupturist and national-popular character and supported direct confrontation with the state. The PSAN-P signed a treaty with ETA and the Unión do Pobo Galego (UPG) to work jointly with this national liberation movements[2] and signed the Brest Charter.

The party was also in favour of a "sectorial front"-like organization. Due to this the PSAN-P created and union, the Col·lectius d'Obrers en Lluita, and helped two armed organizations; Arxiu (1978-1979), Exèrcit d'Alliberament Català and the Organització de la Lluita Armada (OLLA, 1974). In 1978 the PSAN-P and other organizations also created the Catalan Committee against the Spanish Constitution.

The PSAN-P joined Independentists of the Catalan Countries in March 1979, and disappeared shortly after.


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