Socialist Republic of Montenegro

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Socialist Republic of Montenegro
Socijalistička Republika Crna Gora
Социјалистичка Република Црна Гора
Location of Montenegro in Yugoslavia
Location of Montenegro in Yugoslavia
StatusConstituent republic
of Yugoslavia
Common languagesSerbo-Croatian
(Serbian standard)
GovernmentSocialist republic
Federated state
• 1945–1946 (first)
Niko Miljanić
• 1990–1992 (last)
Momir Bulatović
Prime Minister 
• 1945–1953 (first)
Blažo Jovanović
• 1989–1992 (last)
Radoje Kontić
LegislaturePeople's Assembly
15 and 16 November 1945
8 May 1945
28 April 1992
• 1991 census
ISO 3166 codeME
Preceded by
Succeeded by
German occupied territory of Montenegro
Republic of Montenegro (1992–2006)

The Socialist Republic of Montenegro (Serbo-Croatian: Socijalistička Republika Crna Gora / Социјалистичка Република Црна Гора), commonly referred to as Socialist Montenegro or simply Montenegro, was one of the six republics forming the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the nation state of the Montenegrins. It is a predecessor of the modern-day Montenegro.

Prior to its formation, Montenegro was part of Zeta banovina administrative unit of Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


On 7 July 1963, the People's Republic of Montenegro (Serbo-Croatian: Narodna Republika Crna Gora / Народна Република Црна Гора) was renamed the "Socialist Republic of Montenegro" (a change ratified both by the Federal Constitution and the newly created Montenegrin Constitution in 1963) with Serbo-Croatian as the official language. In 1991, as the League of Communists of Montenegro changed its name to Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro after the first multi-party elections, the adjective "Socialist" was deleted from the republic's title (ratified by the 1992 Constitution).[1]


1971 census:

1981 census:

1991 census

Heads of institutions[edit]


Prime Minister[edit]


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Coordinates: 42°47′N 19°28′E / 42.783°N 19.467°E / 42.783; 19.467