Socialist Youth (Norway)

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Socialist Youth
Sosialistisk Ungdom
LeaderAndreas Sjalg
Membershipc. 850 (2017)[1]
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Revolutionary socialism
Mother partySocialist Left
WebsiteOfficial Website

Socialist Youth (Norwegian: Sosialistisk Ungdom) is the youth league of the Socialist Left Party of Norway. The current head of the organisation is Andreas Unneland. SU considers itself a revolutionary party and wants to gain popular support for socialism in Norway. In this respect it differs from SV, the mother party.

SU organises some 850 members between the age of 13 and 30. They have regional branches in all 19 counties, and have around 60 local groups. At several universities and colleges SU also organises student groups.

SU does well in school elections in urban areas, but has less support in rural regions and in the north of Norway. They are particularly occupied with school students' rights and prospose that all students be given educational material free of charge. They also fight against sexual harassment and for stronger government protection of workers' rights, particularly for apprentices and young workers. SU has also been a part of the left-wing resistance against global interventionist wars such as the war in Iraq. The fight against racism has also become an increasingly important issue for SU.



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