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The Socialiste, radical, citoyen et divers gauche (English: Socialist, radical, citizen and miscellaneous left, SRC) was a French parliamentary group formed on the June 26, 2012 in the National Assembly. It brought together the left wing of French politics, uniting the centre-left Socialist Party with the Radical Party of the Left, Citizen and Republican Movement, and some of the various Deputies from more minor left wing parties, or independents.

In 2012, the Radical Party of the Left created its own group, the Radical, Republican, Democratic and Progressist and SRC was renamed into Socialiste, républicain, citoyen et divers gauche

Chaired by Bruno Le Roux, the group has 297 members. The group is the largest of the National Assembly, and the major force of the French left, ahead of the Ecologist Group (Ecolo - 18 members), the Radical, Republican, Democratic and Progressist Group (RRDP - 17 members) and the Democratic and Republican Left (GDR - 15 members).

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