Socialists and Democrats (Italy)

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Socialists and Democrats
Socialisti e Democratici
Leaders Marco Di Lello
Lello Di Gioia
Giuseppe Lauricella
Ideology Social democracy
Political position Centre-left

Socialists and Democrats (Italian: Socialisti e Democratici, S&D) is a social-democratic faction of the Democratic Party (PD), a centre-left political party in Italy.

The faction was formed on 26 November 2015 as a split from the Italian Socialist Party (PSI) led by Marco Di Lello (who had been the party leader in the Chamber of Deputies until then), Lello Di Gioia (a long-time member of the PSI) and Giuseppe Lauricella (a former Socialist who had been elected with the PD in 2013).[1][2][3] The faction includes also Rapisardo Antinucci, a former member of the Chamber, and Marco Gianfranceschi, president of "Giuseppe Saragat" Foundation.[4]



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